Content Marketing and Motion Graphics

November 1st, 2013

A good content strategy contains strong messaging, both written and visual. The popularity of images and video has increased due to the effortless sharing capabilities now available through social media and blogging platforms. Additionally, because many consumers are continuously on the go and consuming information via mobile devices, it is essential to offer messaging that is engaging, but short and to the point. Infographics have paved the way for the increase in motion graphics we are seeing today, which allow us to condense and simplify complex information with catchy visuals and animations.

According to a study by Invodo, Web users are spending 19 hours a month watching videos online. We often discuss the POSE methodology and how its components (paid, owned, social, and earned) enable you to convey your message and brand persona. Videos fall under owned media, and provide a golden opportunity for reaching those users, who are most likely seeking visually engaging content and short, concise messaging.  By the way, we illustrate our POSE methodology by utilizing a motion graphics in this video.

Getting Started

Before creating a motion graphics video, identify the initial concept and the idea you’d like your viewers to come away with. Use that information to structure the video and develop supporting points. Decide what type of visual style you’d like to use to convey your message, including the type of artwork, color palettes, characters or text. It’s important to keep your audience in mind when making these decisions.  Once the concept is finalized, a script can be created that offers a narrative of your story, followed by the development of a storyboard that illustrates the visuals and audio (music, voiceover, etc.) that will correspond with your script.

This is only a brief overview of the process, but provides a framework to provide a healthy understanding to all parties involved in the process – from marketing and management to the creative team responsible for executing the motion graphics project.

At Springboard, we work with clients to develop and create motion graphics content,  from idea to creative execution. Check out the motion graphics video we created for our client Protect Me With 3+.