Moving On Up

August 29th, 2016

This month we officially moved into our new office at Bell Works in Holmdel. The building’s size – approximately three football fields in length – is eclipsed only by its deep history in technology and telecom innovation.

Dubbed “the biggest mirror ever” by Architectural Forum, Bell Works is undergoing a $200 million transformation. Designed by renowned architect Eero Saarinen, the building first opened its doors in 1962 under the original Bell Labs moniker. It is the home to eight Nobel Prizes, countless patents, and foundational technologies such as the transistor, laser and computer programming languages that are widely used today.

Moving to Bell Works marks the next chapter in Springboard. Our space is larger and ready to accommodate an expanded team. It is open and offers natural light that creates a collaborative and creative work environment. Furthermore, the building itself offers plenty of areas to work, socialize, and relax. Simply walking the corridors (some use unicycles and hover boards) provides unique opportunities to explore the building’s heritage and learn something new every day.

In addition to the roster of interesting companies currently operating in the building, Bell Works attracts a broad array of events; there is always something going on inside such as hackathons, a drone and robot conference, and art exhibit.

There is always energy in this building which is inspiring, and we look forward to harness it to deliver creative marketing, PR, branding and design ideas for our clients.

As we embark on Springboard 2.0, I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to grow and expand our business in this exciting new mirrored box.

Looking forward to seeing you here.