Sowing the Seeds

June 21st, 2011

Today is the first day of summer.  Let’s celebrate by taking July and August off (wishful thinking).

Based on several conversations with a few entrepreneurs and executives recently, there seems to be a common misconception that minimal (or even zero) effort and budget should be applied to marketing during the summer months.  Citing one conversation, “we are going to lay low the next few months and ramp things up in September.”

I respectfully disagree with this calculus.  The assumption that business stands still in July and August is misguided.  Since 1995, I can’t remember a summer where we were not busy planning and implementing various projects and campaigns.

While the summer months are the backdrop for accelerated work weeks, vacations, long weekends and time off, it is business as usual for us.  We are working with clients on branding, product launches, marketing and other components of the POSE methodology.  The work we perform today and throughout the summer will ultimately impact lead generation, business development and sales opportunities in the near-term and beyond.  Companies of all sizes, especially start-ups, need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to stay ahead of the competition, increase brand awareness and grow revenues and mindshare.

For those of you who are hitting cruise control this summer, I suggest changing your marketing mindset.  Sowing the seeds now will create an environment for progress, growth and success.  Even with seasonal and cyclical businesses, there is always an opportunity to plan and implement programs that will ultimately move the needle.

Every day is an opportunity to cultivate your business. Don’t put it off tomorrow. Start planting today.

Domenick Cilea

Domenick founded Springboard in 1995. When he is not working on marketing, PR, branding or content strategy, Domenick can be found in a gym, on the road or pool training to survive his next triathlon.

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