Three Calls to Action to Make Your Content More Engaging

August 6th, 2014

Having a content marketing strategy is good for several reasons; positioning yourself or your business as a thought leader, engaging with a wider audience, a becoming a resource for potential customers. One of the most important aspects of a functional content strategy is the call to action.

Calls to action, or CTAs, are the best way to develop a pipeline and further engage with your audience once a conversion – response to an offer, completion of a form, etc. – is made. CTAs should operate at the center of your content marketing strategy and exist in different forms across your website and extended marketing materials. They divide free information (video, infographics, etc.) with content that provides higher value, such as an e-book or white paper.

Here are three different types of CTAs that are easy to implement:

Create Extras

If your online content is good, your audience will be drawn to further resources that you provide for them. Free downloadable e-books, embeddable graphics or video tutorials are all examples of engaging content that people will interact with in exchange for information about themselves, like contact information and email addresses.

Showcase Your Audience

People love their moments in the spotlight. If you can show that your brand appreciates their interactions, there is a good chance you will earn their loyalty. Create content that allows them to give their input and opinions through submissions or a survey. This is a noninvasive way for an audience to participate in your brand and will provide you with information on how they view you and your industry.

Just Say It

The most simple but sometimes the trickiest way of implementing a call to action is simply asking your audience to contact you about your services or buy your product. These requests should be informative without being too promotional. Place a call to action at the bottom of each of your blog posts with a link to your contact or product page. This will draw more people to the areas of your website that could potentially convert them from audience member to customer or client.

While not all of these calls to action are direct, they help create interactions which can lead (no pun intended) to conversions . While CTAs are important, providing compelling content is the first step to earning attention.

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